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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Get 15% off the regular price when booking St. Petersburg shore excursions through the Tour De Force website in June 2010

The great aspect of booking and paying online is that Tour de Force offers a 15% deduction off the regular price in June 2010. So, it doesn’t matter if you plan your St. Petersburg excursion in august or the following months, if you book it and pay for it in June 2010 the deduction applies. All the online operations are totally secure and discreet.

Tour de Force is a travel company that appeared on the market in 2000. With 5 million dollars insurance, the company is designed to make everything easy for its clients. All you have to do is go online and make all the arrangements from the comfort of your living room, without having to make unnecessary calls, write tons of emails or waste your time on the road going from travel agency to travel agency. The website is really intuitive and easy to use, giving you all the information you need with a simple click of a button.

Just write in your browser and you can find numerous predesigned shore excursions or you can even design your own tour and construct the evening program that best suits your needs. If you find yourself in a late booking situation, Tour de Force guarantees to find you a spot. In order to make that possible, the agency offers a unique 72 hours booking policy prior to your tour date.

Another great advantage in using Tour de Force is that the company is authorized by the city government to provide you with a Tour Ticket that, along with your passport, will serve you as a Russian visa. This advantage applies only for cruise passengers that book tours through the company’s website and stay in St. Petersburg for three days or less.

Tour de Force makes all the tours a new and exciting adventure. Their goal is not to take you and drop you at the nearest museum, but to place you at the core of Russian culture and give you a taste of everything that makes a country unique. All tours are narrated in an entertaining and interactive manner. The main language that the company uses in their tours is English but, if the clients ask for it, the tours can be organized with guides speaking other languages.

Another great feature that Tour de Force brings to its customers is the way that it organizes the group. In order to make everything easy for you, the company designed its program in such a manner that you won’t have to spend time in searching for people to join you in the tour. All you have to do is book the tour online and Tour de Force will organize the group for you. Also, to ensure that your visit is relaxed and entertaining, Tour de Force limits the group size to 15 passengers, so you don’t have to worry about crowded and uncomfortable groups.

The best aspect in using Tour de Force is the pricing. The price for person starts from 129$ per day, one of the best prices on the market today. For more information, visit or email


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This hotel in Playa del Carmen offers great beach location & comfy rooms!

Tropical Casablanca Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Avenida Primera Entre Calle 10 Y 12
1st Avenue between 10th and 12th street
Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico

The Tropical Casablanca is a 20-room hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Inspired by the Mexican Caribbean's unique geography and culture, this Playa del Carmen hotel takes to heart the simple lifestyle of the beach life, promising to share a truly unique, enjoyable experience with all its guests.

The architecture of the Tropical Casablanca
Hotel in Playa del Carmen, along with its proximity to the beach and its wide selection of guest services and amenities, affords its Guests a truly enjoyable beach vacation.

A TripAdvisor Review of this
Playa del Carmen hotel (from one bsemrow):

"This hotel is located one block from the beach, on a quiet side street only a few blocks from the bustle of the main drag, 5th Avenue -- truly convenient to everything. There is a dive shop on site, which is *very* convenient for those 8:30am morning dives. It was the easiest dive vacation I have ever taken in the area: just get up, walk outside to be greeted with coffee and cookies while the dive shop staff set up my gear. Then, suit up, walk a block to the boat and wake up hitting the water.

A low-cost transport from the Cancun airport was booked by the hotel to meet me upon arrival so I did not have to deal with the chaos outside of the airport doors. The hotel was *impeccably* clean and the grounds were lush and welcoming, smelling of all the flowering plants. The rooms were set back off the street and there is a nice clean pool in the forefront for swimming, relaxing under the palms, and people watching. They had a cenote right on the property that had cute little turtles living in there they let me feed lettuce. There was also a really great view of the ocean and Cozumel from the roof but I am not sure I was supposed to be up there:)

The room came equipped with all sorts of wonderful treats: a bottle of wine and real wine glasses, robes, a refrigerator, nice toiletries (no Rose Venus soap!!), soft sheets and towels, and I found out the staff will happily arrange to stock the fridge with whatever you request prior to arrival!! While there, staff will also get you anything you want from tours to rental cars to groceries to delivery food and were all extremely nice, knowledgeable, helpful, and polite. It was not your typical experience with a Mexican hotel. The service was to 5 star standards and the room only cost $70USD!!!

They also have a large house on site they said could accommodate groups of up to 10 and comes with a cook. They have a dive shop in Tulum too that can organize cave and cenote diving for guests. All the dive guides were really good and friendly and it was nice to hang out with them at the hotel at the end of the day, learning about the animals of the reefs. I got to experience diving in the ocean and the cenotes with barely leaving the hotel! I have been to Playa many times over the last 13 years and this is by far the BEST hotel I have ever found in the area, not to mention an excellent value."

Visit the official website of the Tropical Casablanca Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Discover the Philippine tarsier on your island resort vacation!

Not too many nature-lovers the world over know the world’s smallest primate may be found on one tropical island paradise, along with dozens of similarly rare flora and fauna. The Philippine island of Bohol in its Visayas region is rapidly gaining ground and popularity for its various nature-themed activities, including swimming with whale sharks and nature-trail hiking in its virgin forests, but few more popular than searching Bohol’s rainforests for the elusive Philippine tarsier.

The Philippine tarsier is one of the world’s smallest known primates. A nocturnal animal, the tarsier lives live in and around tree trunks, roots of bamboo and other plants, and in coast and valley valleys. Somewhat prolific in Bohol’s forests by Philippine standards, but a few hundred short of endangered species status, the tarsier is a close relative of the lemur, despite the incorrect assumption that tarsiers are monkeys.

There are three types of Philippine tarsiers. The tarsier fraterculus is found exclusively on Bohol island; the other two, tarsier carbonarius and tarsier philippensis, are found on Mindanao island and Samar and Leyte islands, respectively.

Most well-known for the disproportionate size of its eyes in comparison to the rest of its body, its eye sockets are actually larger than those of its brain or stomach. It also has gray fur and a tail with a tuft at its end. It can rotate its head 180 degrees, and catch its pretty using sharp teeth and dexterous hands. The tarsier actually takes its name from its unusually long ankle bones, known as tarsius. These long bones act as shock absorbers, allowing the tarsier to leap from tree to tree in frog-like movements.

Many Bohol resorts include packages that give Guests the opportunities for nature treks and discoveries that feature the Philippine tarsier. One particular resort, the Flushing Meadows Resort & Playground in Panglao Island, is an ideal venue given its proximity to many of the island’s attractions. Flushing Meadows Resort & Playground is a 20-minute drive from Tagbilaran City’s airport and pier.

Built along a marine sanctuary and surrounded by beautiful coral and rocks, Flushing Meadows is the country’s established vantage point for dancing dolphins and whales. Further information regarding facilities and location, as well as directions and a map to the property can be found in the official hotel website,, which now offers instantly confirmed rooms at the best rates online.

Discover the Philippine tarsier, up close and personal, on an eco-friendly, unforgettable Bohol vacation! Book a room with the Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground today.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why April is a great time to stay in Cebu


April is traditionally a great time to swing by the Philippine ecological and cultural paradise of Cebu. With four holidays penciled into this month and a capital that just bustles with activities and celebrations for locals and tourists, Cebu is an ideal getaway for the harried traveler seeking a rewarding yet refreshing Asian experience.

Every third of April, Cebuanos come together to celebrate the ‘Tres de Abril,’ which is Spanish for, well, April 3. During Tres de Abril, Cebuanos commemorate the victory of early Cebuano forces, led by legendary Cebuano fighter Leon Kilat, over invading Spanish troops. It was truly a triumph to be remembered: the victory earned Cebu the distinction of being the first major island outside of main Philippine island Luzon, to repel Spaniard rule.

On April 9, Cebu joins the rest of the Philippines in celebrating the Araw ng Kagitingan, or Day of Valor. On this day, Filipinos take time to remember the Fall of Bataan. While province-wide Cebu does not generally celebrate the holiday, veterans in Cebu City often participate in semi-elaborate re-stagings of this momentous battle.

In the second week of April, Cebu celebrates Holy Week along with the rest of the Catholic community throughout the world. Specifically, Bantayan Island past Cebu’s coast is known for its ‘Semana Santa sa Bantayan’ (Holy Week in Bantayan). Tourists and inhabitants' relatives and friends stand witness to a series of solemn religious rites and local celebrations.

Every April 27, Lapu-Lapu City near Cebu City comes alive with the commemoration of the battle of Mactan in ‘Kadaugan sa Mactan,’ which means ‘Victory in Mactan.’ A reenactment of the victory of Cebuano chieftain Lapu-Lapu and his men over the Spanish forces led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, Kadaugan sa Mactan features the restaging of the battle on the Mactan beach, including the planting of the Cross of Magellan to mark where the Portuguese-born explorer was slain, and the baptism of the Cebuano natives beforehand.

Foreigners seeking to witness any of these festivals, then spend some time enjoying the rest of Cebu, including their white sandy beaches, awesome historic landmarks, and spectacular natural attractions – need to make sure they book quality Cebu City accommodations. While most travel agencies can provide assistance with booking a good Cebu hotel, many tourists seeking to save money and book in security and comfort are looking for official hotel websites to book at.

Three of the more popular Cebu hotels – the perfectly located Cebu Midtown Hotel, the high-end Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, and the budget-friendly Westpoint Inn – have user-friendly websites that can issue guaranteed room reservations at the hotels’ best rates on the Internet. Even Cebu resorts are getting in on the act: the popular Costabella Tropical Beach Resort now has its own website that offers instant confirmation with every guaranteed booking.

Join tens of thousands of tourists throughout the years and experience the Spanish-Asian fusion of culture only Cebu can provide. Book a Cebu hotel room today!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Families give new Bohol resort high marks

Families visiting the ecological paradise of Panglao have long sought a resort in Bohol that offers first-class amenities and facilities to meet their needs. More than a year ago, the Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground, a Bohol resort that sought precisely to address those concerns, opened to much fanfare. After more than a year in operation, this resort in Bohol has built for itself a rock-solid reputation, in its slightly more-than-a-year in operation.

Truly a family place, the Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground has something for everyone. Children will enjoy the Kid’s Fishing Pool, the playground, the fine white sandy beaches and the clear waters; teenagers usually converge at the Infinity Pool or the Aqua Sports and Diving Center; and adults are usually enthralled by this Bohol resort’s location, as the complex stands majestically on a little cliff, overlooking miles of blue beautiful ocean. Even senior citizens are pampered at the Flushing Meadows, with wheelchair services to ensure they don’t miss out on the fun.

Named after the popular New York park that now plays host to the US Open grand slam tennis tournament, this 50-room Asian-inspired Bohol resort lives up to its moniker with an international-standard tennis court, and a host of other amenities, including car rentals, laundry and dry cleaning services, foreign exchange, medical services, and a souvenir shop. The Aces and Champions Bar and Restaurant, known for delicious continental cuisine also offers a la carte dishes and room service.

Each of the 48 comfortable rooms and suites in this resort in Bohol are exquisitely designed with the comfort of guests in mind. Each spacious room, designed in a delightful tropical manner, comes with air-conditioning, cable television, mini-bar, hot and cold showers, private toilet and bath facilities, telephone, and complementary coffee- and tea-making facilities. All rooms of this Bohol resort – from superior rooms to the presidential suite - have balconies with spacious seating areas.A tour desk is available to assist guests who would like to experience Bohol’s natural attractions, including the Chocolate Hills and diving for whale sharks.

Guests based outside the Philippines can now book rooms direct with the Flushing Meadows Resort in Bohol via its official hotel website,, which offers instantly confirmed rooms at the best rates online.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Experience privacy and class at famed Boracay resort

Travelers looking for a private and enjoyable tropical island getaway can call off the search. On the island paradise of Boracay, nestled on 15,000 square meters of lush greenery, is an upscale Boracay beach resort renowned for providing intimacy and comfort: the Paradise Garden Resort.

This four-star Boracay resort is a pleasantly short walk from Boracay’s famous white sand and turquoise waters. This resort in Boracay is close enough to the beach to allow you easy access but far enough to give you breathing space and time to yourself. With Boracay’s reputation as one of the best beaches in the world – BMW Tropical Beach Handbook and TV Quick are among the accolade givers – there is no better place to stay to enjoy the best of what Boracay has to offer!

This resort in Boracay offers accommodations superior to most other resorts on the island. Fully air-conditioned and designed with native Philippine materials, including rattan, nipa, and bamboo, each Guest room promises a cool, comfortable tropical island vacation. Complete amenities, bath facilities, safety boxes, Internet access, and cable television only add to your enjoyment. Choose from deluxe accommodations (Bungalows and Mabuhay Cottages), VIP accommodations (VIP Bungalows and Greenhouse Villas), and Suites (Pacific, Oriental, Residential, and Royal Suites).

Paradise Garden Resort’s sprawling grounds are immaculately manicured and impeccably maintained. This beach resort in Boracay boasts of three spectacular swimming pools: the Roman Pool, the Waterfalls Pool, and the Garden Pool; it also has two restaurants, the Greenhouse Roof Garden & Chinese Teahouse and the Pool Bar and Restaurant.

Service at the Paradise Garden Resort matches its accommodations. Efficient German management leads friendly Filipino staff in satisfying the needs of its Guests. From the complimentary airport and boat transfers to the rent-free beach umbrellas, sun beds and beach towels at the Beachfront Area, this Boracay beach resort promises personalized, exceptional Filipino hospitality every step of your way.

Keeping the ease and comfort of your vacation in mind, this Boracay resort will also arrange for you any among a myriad of activities, including biking, billiards, boat riding, darts, golf, motorcycling, mountain climbing, parasailing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, table tennis, water skiing, and windsurfing. Children and young adults always enjoy this Boracay resort’s professional trampolines. Experience the best view of the legendary Boracay sunset from the roof of the Paradise Garden Resort in Boracay.

To fully make the Guest experience as smooth and easy as possible, the Paradise Garden Resort in Boracay has made making reservations easy and secure on its official website, Now, Guests can make reservations at the best rates online, receiving instant confirmation and guaranteed rooms upon arrival. Guests can even modify their reservations without having to go through tedious emailing correspondence.

So for a truly unforgettable Boracay experience, come and stay at your first-class home away from home, The Paradise Garden Resort in Boracay.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Asturias Hotel in Palawan Offers Fresh Eco-Tourist Perspective

Nature-lovers should add another exotic locale to visit on their growing list of eco-tourist must-sees: a tropical island paradise in Asia known as Palawan! Ecotourism in the Philippines is witnessing a revival, thanks in large part to Palawan’s efforts to promote its spectacular natural wonders. Now, the Asturias Hotel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan’s capital, offers international travelers a doorway to a unique, truly different eco-tourist experience.

The Asturias Hotel, one of the more popular boutique hotels in Puerto Princesa, provides Guests complete tour options to many of Palawan’s most popular sights. Along with its comfortable accommodations, excellent dining facilities, and Filipino service, this Palawan hotel has become a famous home-away-from-home for international tourists.

Tour options at the Asturias cover many of the region’s eco-friendly sites. Consider the following, which are part of tour packages offered by this Palawan hotel:

Underground River. The longest and most awe-inspiring subterranean river in the world, known to locals simply as Underground River, is located at the Saint Paul Subterranean River National Park. Eight kilometers long, with truly amazing rock formations sure to please even the most jaded traveler, the Underground River is home to thousands of bats.

Honda Bay. Honda Bay is a stunning stretch of crystal-clear blue-green waters that is home to dozens of white-sand islands. Snake Island is a popular destination, thanks to its sandbar that resembles its namesake from the air. From the hundreds of live starfish on Starfish Island, to the bats that make their home on Bat Island, there are fauna and flora in abundance on the islands of Honda Bay.

Dive sites are also plentiful at Honda Bay, thanks to the coral reefs that patch the area, providing a great view down to almost 24 meters. Arreceffi Island is a popular dive site, as are Pandan Island (named after the fragrant plant that dots its shores) and Panglima Reef, home to gray reef sharks.

Ulugan Bay. A deep channel on Puerto Princesa’s northwestern coast, Ulugan Bay is a fantastic eco-tourist spot for its variety of natural attractions. Tres Marias – in English, Three Mary’s – is three islets at the mouth of the bay that come and go with the tides. Ulugan’s river deltas are home to creepy mangrove forests, a somewhat macabre foreground to the hills in the distance. Inside Ulugan, too, is Rita Island, a dive spot popular for its visibility and abundance of aquarium fish.

Crocodile Farm and Nature Park. Tourists will get to see this eco-tourist gem, considered required visiting on the Puerto Princesa City Tour. A joint project of the Philippine and Japanese governments, the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park breeds Philippine crocodiles in somewhat artificial cages, owing to the danger posed by crocs in the wild. A thoroughly natural forest environment surrounds the park, though, and a mini-zoo is available for the kiddies, showcasing, among other animals, endemic Palawan creatures like nicobar pigeons, talking mynahs, and bearcats.

The tour options at the Asturias Hotel will provide any visiting eco-tourist with many options. Visit the Asturias Hotel’s official website at to get further information. The website of this popular Palawan hotel is also fully capable of accepting reservations instantly, giving Guests confirmed rooms, guaranteed, at the best rates available online.Publish

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